This fantastic photograph provides a look into the interior of a gas station from days gone by. The Texaco Motor Oil cans reveal that we are seeing the inside of a Texaco gas station. A few of the items in the sales showcase can be identified. One can readily see Rustone Cans (rust preventative), flares, and glass cleaner. Is that a cash register on the counter? Next to the register, a cardboard advertising sign promotes a brand of glass cleaner. An advertising calendar hangs on the wall and it provides some interesting information. First, the calendar reveals that this photo was taken in 1942. Secondly, print on the bottom of the calendar reveals that the calendar is advertising a Minnesota company. Therefore, this gas station's location was probably Minnesota. The people in this photo include the uniformed gas station attendant/mechanic/owner and two woman. One can posit that the older woman may be the pictured gentleman's wife and the younger woman, his daughter. Note the tire pressure gauge in the man's shirt pocket. This photograph was taken during difficult times. The United States was involved in World War II and gas rationing began in 1942, the year that this photograph was taken.