This cabinet card portrait of a young child is a bit unusual because the image features other cabinet cards within it. The child is intensely staring at the photographer while holding a cabinet card in his/her hand. There is a stack of cabinet cards lying on the table. One can imagine that the photographer decided to use the cabinet cards as a prop for this image. The photographer of this image is Luther M. Rice. Mr Rice is a familiar name to the Cabinet Card Gallery. The gallery features a photograph by Charles E. Holman, the brother-in-law of Luther Rice. Rice taught Holman the photography business. The pair worked together for a number of years and in 1879 Rice sold the studio to Holman. Rice was born in Massachusetts in about 1886. In addition to being a photographer, he was also a watercolorist. He began working in Warren (Ohio) by 1868. He partnered with Isaac D. Bliss in 1870 and worked independently from 1875 until 1891. He also had a studio in Chagrin Falls (1896-1897). All dates mentioned in this brief career biography are approximate. Rice's obituary appeared in the "Bulletin of Photography" (1913). He was 86 years old at the time of his death.