This vintage post cabinet card era photograph features an adorable little girl. She is quite expressive and appears to be in a playful mood. The photograph comes from the studio of R. G. Shaker of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Shaker is listed in a historical directory of Wisconsin photographers. The listing stats that he was a photographer in Eau Claire from 1897-1939. Rasmus Gudbrandsson Shaker (1862-1943) was born in Norway. His original last name appears to have been "Skjaak". He also was known as Robert G. Shaker. He came to Eau Claire in 1879 and worked in the forestry industry. One of his jobs was working in a saw mill. He learned photography from photographer M. W. Burns and took over his teacher's studio in 1895. R. G. married Olea Isakson in 1887 and the couple had five children. His son, Gilbert (1889-?), was a photographer in Eau Claire between 1914 and 1916. R. G. Shaker is buried in Eau Claire's Forest Hill Cemetery. Judging by this image, Shaker had talent. This is a wonderful portrait of an adorable little girl.