basketball team

basketball team 2

This wonderful vintage photograph features a Womens Basketball team which apparently just completed a championship season. The image includes seven girls in uniform and their coach. Three of the girls are holding trophies. All of the girls look like their having a good time. There is an abundance of smiles as the photographer shoots his picture. Even the coach seems to be enjoying the moment. As customary, the basketball has been marked with the date. The girls are celebrating completion of the 1923 season. Their team's name and their location are unidentified. This image is an important piece of womens basketball history. Note the girls uniforms and their sneakers. There appears to be some variety in their footwear. The reverse of the photograph has an inscription that must summarize the girl's experiences as a member of the basketball squad. The writing happily declares "Ye Old Team....Best Ever". This vintage photograph measures about 8"x10".

basketball team 1