A well dressed man poses for his portrait at the studio of R. W. Loucks in St. Paul Minnesota. He is wearing a wide neck tie with an even wider knot. The gentleman has a wonderful well groomed mustache. He is displaying a serious demeanor as he poses for this cabinet card image. The Minnesota Historical Society's directory of early Minnesota photographers reveals that R. W. Loucks worked as a photographer in Minnesota during the 1890's and 1900's. His St. Paul addresses included 405 Wabasha (1893-1894) and 225 East Seventh (1897). He also had studios in Minneapolis; 1221 Washington Avenue North (1898-1902) and 28 Central Avenue (1903). This information asserts that the above photograph was taken during 1893 or 1894. Mr. Loucks appears in the 1900 US census. From this document we learn that he was born in Canada in 1850 and immigrated to the US in 1887. He was married to Anna L Loucks in 1877 and at the time of the census, lived with their twelve year old daughter named Lillian.