The ten girls featured in this vintage photograph are members of a girls basketball team. The basketball is marked indicating that this is a team photo from 1926. Writing on the reverse of the photograph informs us that this team was the "Interclass Basketball Champions of 1926 (Freshman). In addition, all of the players in the image are named on the back of the photo. "Top Row: Eleanor Einerson, Betty Stillwell, Helen (Boby) Moser, Vivian Grey, Yvonne Muser". Team members in the bottom row are "Mary Webb, Helen Hendrickson, Sarah Temple (Captain), Betty Hukill, Martha Arrigoni". Kudos to the internet because I was able to use these names to find the location of where these girls went to school and played basketball.  Research revealed that these girls resided in the area of Ridgewood, New Jersey. All of the girls were born in, or around, 1912. This post-cabinet card era photograph measures about 4 1/2" x 2 3/4".

basketball 1