Meet Ruben Plummer, and adorable two and a half year-old boy. This portrait of young Ruben was taken by A. J. Richards of Medina, New York. The child is smiling at the photographer as he poses net to some of his toys. Note the building blocks and the toy cat. Preliminary research reveals that "Ruben" is a misspelling and that the child's name was actually Reuben. He is listed in the 1910 US Census. He was two years old (born 1907) at the time and lived in Yates, New York, with his parents and baby sister (Geraldine). His parents were Leon (age 24) and Myrtle (age 23). His father worked as a salesman in the medicine industry. Unfortunately, little Reuben had a short life. He died on August 30th, 1920, at age twelve. I could not find his cause of death. He is buried in Lynhaven Cemetery in Lyndonville, New York. The photographer of this image is Adelbert Richards (1864-1949). I located his obituary which appeared in the Medina Daily Journal. The article reports that he was a photographer in Medina for 60 years. He entered the business in 1887 by working for photographer George Hedley. He must have been a fast learner because that same year he purchased the studio of C. A. Stacey and operated it for six decades.

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