asian man

This photograph features a well dressed young Asian man sitting in a chair with his hat on his lap. He is is exhibiting an intense gaze at the photographer. On the reverse of this photograph is an inscription that informs us about the identity of this gentleman. His name is Lee Tong and he was a clergyman who attended the Eugene Bible University in Eugene, Oregon. The American Home Missionary (1913) journal lists him as a preacher. He also appears in the Portland directory as Reverend Lee Tong (1912-1914). A book entitled "Portland, Oregon: Its History and Builders" reports that he was the Pastor of the Baptist Chinese Church. Research reveals that the Eugene Bible College is now known as New Hope Christian College and it is located in Eugene. The school was founded by Fred Hornshuh in 1925. This photograph was taken at the Brown Studio in Portland, Oregon.

asian man 2