The previous owner of this vintage photograph described it as featuring four US soldiers/cooks on KP (kitchen police) duty. I have my own interpretation of the photograph and perhaps you have your own view which I hope you will share. I believe that the young men are from a military base due to their clothing and their choice of having a backdrop which included a tank. If they are soldiers, they are clearly on leave. The fact that one man is wearing a white apron and another man is wearing a white jacket indicates that their military duties may include working in a kitchen. However, there is also a possibility that the afore mentioned white clothing and the two hats seen in the photo are just studio props. Note that two of the men are holding cigarettes while being photographed. Whatever the story really is, this is a terrific image that captures the aura of friendship between these young men. The photographer's embossed logo is difficult to read but it is decipherable that his name was Thompson and his studio was located somewhere in New York City.