Ethel Barrymore (1879-1959) was an acclaimed American stage actress and a member of the esteemed Barrymore family of actors. Many consider Ethel Barrymore the greatest actress of her time. She first appeared on Broadway in 1895. Barrymore was talented and beautiful. She is the great Aunt of today's Drew Barrymore. This photographic portrait of Miss Barrymore is uncommon. It provides a lovely profile view of this legendary actress. If you search for this exact postcard online, you likely won't find it. This postcard was published by E. Frey & Company who operated in  New York City . Research reveals that postcards displaying the printed name of  "E. Frey" were actually published by the Souvenir Post Card Company which existed between 1905 and 1914. It was located at 268 Canal Street in New York City. The company was purchased by Valentine & Sons and the combined company became Valentine - Souvenir. This postcard was printed in Germany and is in good condition (see scan).

ethel 1