belleza 1

A mother and her son pose for their portrait at Belleza studio in Porto, Portugal. Porto is a coastal city in northwest Portugal. Mom is wearing beautiful  traditional folk clothing. She has dressed her darling little boy in fine clothing for his picture taking day. Note his incredibly large hat that he is holding in his right hand. It seems to me that if he were to wear the hat it would cover his whole head and he would be unable to see. At first, I thought the hat might belong to his mother; but she is already wearing a hat. Perhaps the boy is an aspiring magician and a family of rabbits reside inside the hat. There is an inscription on the reverse of the photograph. I believe it is written in Portuguese. The previous owner of this photograph asserted that the inscription was some sort of dedication to an uncle. Hopefully, a cabinet card gallery visitor can translate the inscription for the rest of us. The inscription was written in 1922. The photograph measures 8" x 5 3/4".



belleza 2