This cabinet card portrait features an older gentleman with grey hair and a long wiry hair. His mouth is camouflaged by his bushy beard and mustache. Watching him eat must not have been very pleasant. The man is dressed formally and has intense piercing eyes. Sherman L. Plumb's studio in Portage, Wisconsin produced this photograph. Plumb was born in 1841 in Connecticut. By 1863 he was working as a fireman in Portage. The 1870 and 1880 US census lists his occupation as photographer. In 1872 Plumb married Alice Stanton (1852-?). Plumb was not a man who was consistent occupationally. The 1900 census found him working as a dairy farmer while the 1910 census listed him as running a grocery store in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A 1912 directory reported that Alice was a widow.