Thursday, January 3, 2013

BIGart at Navy Pier

BIGart at Navy Pier is an annual, free outdoor art exhibition at the Pier. Navy Pier partnered with the Gagosian Gallery to display the artistic talent of world-renowned artist Roy Lichtenstein.

Brushstroke Group 1987: Painted and fabricated aluminum. 360 x 210 x 108 in.
Blazon .. by Anthony Caro, 1987-90, Steel painted red. 139 x 113 x 59 in.
Monochrome for Chicago .. by Nancy Robbins, 2012, Aluminum boats, stainless steel armature, stainless steel wire cable. 19 x 34 x 36 ft.
Face Off (Facade Box I & II) .. by Almond Zigmund, 2012, Foam, aqua resin, acrylic, wood and steel. 8' x 16' x 12'.