Saturday, December 1, 2012

Let's defend Playa Flamenco!

We are down to the wire here. We now have the Sahara Club on our side but the signing of the petition is important and it doesn't matter if you live on Culebra in Puerto Rico or Iceland you can sign.
Please do. This beach is vote one the best beaches over, over again but not for long if these windmills are put up.

I know many of the Culebra loving people on your list are English speakers. When they go to this petition site,  they can find a link in the summery paragraph to this English translation.

This Action in a Holiday Nutshell

An industrial wind park project is being fast-tracked through the Government of Puerto Rico - during an administration transition -
and over the holidays.  This tends to happen - but this is clearly one of the most destructive project proposals
we have ever witnessed...
The close to 400 foot tall generators and associated transmission and industrial infrastructure,  are  being 
proposed on Flamenco point  - above beautiful Flamenco and Resaca's beach and bay. 

They are proposed at an elevation of about 300 ft - so they will become the tallest point on the smallest island of Culebra, even taller than 
Mt. Resaca and Cero Balc√≥n.  

Comments are due Monday.  It took time to review and comment on the 506 page environmental impact study, 
which we characterize as indefensible.

This petition was the best we could do to provide those who agree with our position a more meaningful voice in this clearly undemocratic process.

Flamenco point is absolutely an environmentally, socially and economically unsustainable location for such an industrial project.

Like small islands throughout the Caribbean, we would like to see Culebra offered the option of 
of a more diverse renewable energy plan - with non-destructive renewable energy options.  As one example, islands are 
looking towards roof top leasing and solar panels, to minimize impacts to green spaces valuable to tourism and with 
thought toward protecting coastal water

We can do so much better......and this beautiful archipelago and her descendants deserve better.  

We did not have the luxury of space in the on-line format to make bi-lingual comments, and we believe the 
submission in Spanish will be more effective.  

Sincerely hoping all who agree with our position, take a moment to sign and share.

Mary Ann Lucking
P.O. Box 750
Culebra, PR 00775  

Trabajando con comunidades del Caribe para proteger y restaurar

sus arrecifes de coral.


Working with Caribbean communities to protect and restore their coral reefs.

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