Wednesday, November 7, 2012

@RCdeWinter submits "Over the Bounding Main."

Over the Bounding Main

Awash in blue,
tossed on the spume of a furious ocean,
adrift and slapping and slamming
into rocks, against hulls, propellers and screws,
dragged down across sandbars,
seabeaten –
Neptune’s ragdoll submissive –
I am too tired to swim, too saltsoaked
and drymouthed to call out –
and to whom would I call?

Utterly taken by wind and by wave,
eyes open wide at the pitiless sun shining down
on my exhausted self,
the ambitious currents draw me
to an inexorable, unknowable destination.
I have no strength,
no resistance and ultimately no wish
to fight this abduction.

Hoping only for a sudden lungful of brine
to halt this voyage or a mercifully mild shore
to awake upon,
I give over to the Sirens of the Sea
and trust Atropos to slice the cord swiftly
or to trade places with her talented sister
and weave me a raft of rescue.

Should I sink, no need to mourn.
I shall live on in the blue of the enigmatic midnight
and the restless depths of the amniotic cushion
of our great salt Mother.

Should I purchase respite on the dunes,
I will be cleansed and purified of fear,
of dependence,
of the need for any but the lightest,
most luminous love
for the rest of my unnatural life.

© 2012 RC deWinter