Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fwd: Obama and Romney go head-to-head

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The First Presidential Debate
Obama vs. Romney

Catch every minute of the first presidential debate, Oct. 3, as the candidates put down their scripts and face off in a contest that could determine the presidency. Check out all the latest election coverage, and stay tuned to see who comes out on top in Denver.
Video from the trail

Nine decades of election moments caught on video, from FDR's 1932 acceptance speech to every stop along the 2012 campaign trail.
See it all
See the coverage
Behind the lens — Joe Raedle Third party
"As we were being ushered into the back of the plane, I remember seeing Hillary Clinton wearing a red jacket and talking on her cell phone... instead of heading up the ramp to get my seat on the plane I was able to get off a couple of frames before a campaign handler..." Read more
A look at the oft-forgot candidates who've taken on the Dems and Rebublicans for their own shot at the White House. From Perot to Nader to George Wallace, it's a multi-partisan view of U.S. politics over the years. See it all
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