Tuesday, June 12, 2012


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Scandals and Skeletons
When the big guys slip,
they fall hard

All's fair in love and politics – except during an election year. Follow all the dishonors and disgraces that are blemishing political reputations today, and the ones from years past that just won't go away.

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Behind the lens - Chip Somodevilla Image Partners
"As Obama finished his stump speech, he moved off of the stage and down to the floor...when this young woman grabbed Obama and gave him a huge hug, I was ready. As she pulled Obama further into the group of adoring fans, more hands reached in to embrace..." Read more You can never cover too many angles or bases when it comes to an election, so we've got even more race highlights from our image partners at Bloomberg, McClatchy-Tribune, New York Daily News and more.
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