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Sunday, April 22, 2012

ALOHA! (a la mode russe)


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via Moscow Daily Photo by Irina on 4/21/12

Two days ago I was at the presentation of Hawaii dance class in "Open World"  center of eastern practicies and self-development.
It was very relaxing and joyful experience. I think that the national dance is a great and detailed introduction into the mentality of the nation. Just compare person of Georgia and of Hawaii here. With my Georgian roots it was a nice challenge to put on the relaxing and peaceful Hawaiian clothes))).

And Hawaiian:

Cloudia, Aloha! Her blog "Comfort Spiral" is about Hawaii and is a must see.

If you are in Moscow, you can like to join the dance class or any other activity in "Open world" as it looks like rather busy and interesting place.

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