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via Moscow Daily Photo by Irina on 1/28/12

The view from the window of Tretiakov's art gallery, reflecting the exhibition of Naples, Italy painted by Russian artists of 19th century.


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TIME TO DIG UP THOSE STREETS (pave 'em with asphalt this time)

 Takes a hell of a big safe-deposit box to hold all those ingots I dug up in front of my house.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Visual Democracy: Dorothea Lange

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Screenshot of Tyler Stableford, It Takes More campaign video

Shoot the shoot with Tyler Stableford

Get a behind the lens look at what it takes to produce the creative imagery you see on our site. Right now, we're featuring photographer Tyler Stableford, who recently gave us a sneak peek into a recent shoot he did with fighter jets at Buckley Air Force Base in Denver, Colorado. Says Stableford of the shoot: "Very few people have a chance to fly with five F16s over the Rocky Mountains." See how he captured the human angle of the fighter pilots and more.

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Screenshot, 27Letters campaign site 27Letters: Best of 2011

Thanks to our loyal following of 12,000 readers, much of the content featured on 27Letters in the past year has been shared around the internet and across the globe. We took a look back at our most read letters from the past year, and used them to chart a visual trajectory of the communications that shaped 2011. Think of it as a visceral year in review. Wondering what made our top 10? Have a click, below.

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is_3386555, Piotr Podermanski/Photodisc Are you using video yet?

People remember 10% of what they read, and 70-90% of what they see, hear and do. Video's fast becoming an indispensible tool for educational professionals to create stronger brand engagement, tell powerful, compelling stories and bring the real world into learning.

See how Espresso, a digital education company, is using the power of video to transform learning.

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123518855, James Osmond/Britain on View The crown jewel: Britain on View

Thanks to the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in June and the London Olympics in July, Britain will be showcased on the international stage like never before. Looking to get ahead of your coverage? Our Britain on View collection features over 60,000 high quality images of Britain and British life. With the majority of content pre-cleared for commercial use, finding that show-stopping image is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Discover the best of British imagery
Alex Masi/Getty Images Creative Grants Creative Grants 2012

Our Creative Grants program enables photographers and creative agencies to team up on crafting strategic campaigns for non-profit organizations they support. Each year, we award two grants of $15,000, helping to create positive change in the world by ensuring that important, powerful stories get told.

Are you passionate about a cause? Entries will be accepted beginning February 1, 2012, with a deadline of March 1, 2012.

Apply here
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1 – Screenshot of Tyler Stableford, It Takes More campaign video
2 – Screenshot, 27Letters campaign site
3 – is_3386555, Piotr Podermanski/Photodisc
4 – 123518855, James Osmond/Britain on View
5 – Alex Masi/Getty Images Creative Grants

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Majestic Feel in Budapest


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via Budapest daily photo by Zannnie on 1/26/12

Budapest, Heroes Square
I like this big heroes' square because it is majestic. This atmosphere is hard to describe in words as you can feel it when you are present at the Square itself.

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