Friday, October 21, 2011

SUICIDE SIDEWALK (A Massachusetts Hysterical Site)

This stretch of sidewalk on busy route 122 into Worcester, Massachusetts, is the subject of a struggle between homeowners who live beyond the brook in the photos on adjacent Meadowbrook Road and the city. Worcester officials have insisted that since the sidewalk lies within the property lines of those residents, although separated by state land and an impassable brook, that those folks are responsible for clearing the sidewalk along this State, not city, highway.
Suffice to say the sidewalk is narrow, frost-heaved and generally unimproved; and to walk along it is to feel quite uneasy about the traffic negotiating an outside curve at about 50 mph ten feet from your shoulder. When large box trucks go by, the breeze from their draft is gale strength. Let's hope there's a sensible solution to this issue before the next snow season. I've linked to some further comment on the issue in a respected local publication. It's at the bottom. 8)

Here's a snipper from Their issue of Aug 11-17.
The columnist is Gary Rosen under the banner "Worcesteria."